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Recruitment / FUN Inc. - Putting the fun back into EVE
« on: May 04, 2018, 10:16:17 am »
Welcome to FUN Inc. (EBWF)

This IS the fun you are looking for!

FUN Inc is a no drama PVP community that roams Nullsec looking for good fights.

There is no SP threshold, maximum or minimum. It’s all about your fit and attitude. We seek like-minded players to develop, and collaborate together whilst PVPing and having fun.

There are no pings, no timers and no blues.

If this sounds like your thing (of course it does!) then find out more below or hit us up on these channels:
•   In-game Public channel - "EBWF public" - monitored 1900 eve time to 2300 eve time
•   Website
•   Discord

Ready to apply ? Then jump over to our forum here.

Still interested but want to know a little more? Keep reading and we will tell you everything.

What is FUN Inc?

  • F.U.N. inc. (EVEn Better with Friends [EBWF]) was founded in 2018 as a safe haven for small gang pvpers after the demise of Agony Unleashed.
  • We are a PVP corp, specialising in nullsec solo, small gang and microgang combat.
  • We fight almost entirely in nullsec and are not aligned with any corporations or alliances.
  • We have no interest in Sov or Structures; this allows us to roam freely, engaging whoever we like.
  • F.U.N. inc.  [EBWF] is a community based on friendship and having PVP fun with like-minded mature, respectful, and fun people.
  • We have a killboard but it is not a tool we use to measure our fun by. Some fights we win some we don't. We always look to learn and develop.

What type of pilots are FUN Inc looking for?

  • We seek well rounded and mature adults who like PVP, and grazing on comms.
  • RL is very important to us, and whilst we really enjoy serious internet spaceships, we understand that RL takes priority.
  • Whether you’re a new player or veteran, we’re looking for quality, team players who want to contribute in building a friendly, no drama, supportive community.

What can FUN Inc. offer me?
  • A very chilled and friendly corp
  • Predominantly EU TZ [but looking to diversify into US TZs, and farther.]
  • A feeling of belonging.  Somewhere you matter and can contribute to the dynamics, content, gangs, and day to day running of the corporation.
  • We run scheduled fleets with our own FCs and support other NPSI fleets too.
  • Corporation Website, Discord and forums for out of game communication plus a dedicated mumble server.

Most importantly, we offer good people to fly with and loads of fun!

Good you are still here, admit it you're interested! Then hit us up on the channels below:
•   In-game Public channel - "EBWF public" - monitored 1900 eve time to 2300 eve time
•   Website
•   Discord

Ready to apply? Then jump over to our forum here.

Recruitment / How to Apply
« on: April 03, 2018, 09:01:07 pm »
Our goal is to create a fun PVP environment that everyone can be proud of.

As you have reached this stage of our website, it is clear that you are interested in joining us.

If you are still interested, and feel like you would like to fly with us here is how to apply:

1) Register on the forum & await for Leadership to approve your account and assign you "applicant" roles.
2) Copy the application form below
3) Create a new post in this recruitment forum
4) Use your in game character name as the subject and add "APPLICANT: " in front - ie. "APPLICANT: Keacte""
5) answer each of the question.
6) submit post

Your completed application will then be pulled into our interview forum where the Corp members will consider your application to be part of the corp and respond in your thread with any questions - you will be able to see this sub-forum and answer any questions / queries or clarify any points of your application.

Once all queries or questions are answered satisfactorily, the corp will make a decision on your application.


1) Please tell us a bit about when and how you started playing EVE, what you have done so far, your corp history and a little bit about yourself in real life. This is your chance to give us an impression of who you are, not just as a character but also as a person

2) In order to proceed with your application, you must select the your timezone for your personal play time - check only one.

EVE TIME 16:00-00:00

EVE TIME 00:00-08:00

EVE TIME 08:00-16:00

4) How would you classify your PVP skills in EVE? What level of PVP experience do you have? A short, one or two sentence answer is fine.

5) Please provide a killboard link for all your PVP characters that gives an accurate representation of your PVP activity. Remember we are not looking for elite PvPers only those willing to start (and join a fight)

6) Where did you hear about Fun inc / EBWF? In particular, what prompted you to apply?

7) Please list any characters in FUN inc / EBWF that you know or may have spoken to

8 ) Why didn't you answer Question 3 ?

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